Every project is totally unique, whether it’s directed to consumers, employees, or business customers. 

Understanding the leadership behind the product and service is important. Many believe it is more important than the product itself. That's where event planning expertise comes in, highlighting the product and the leadership behind it. 

Timing, location, presentation, production elements, promotions mechanisms, press and more, can all play a major role in the success. You want to make your presence known immediately and build off the initial buzz toward long term-recognition and acceptance.

We offer a full complement of services, all under one roof. 

Our clients benefit from working with not just an experienced marketer, or IT specialist, event manager, etc., but rather a true full-service agency that brings to each project the team's marketing skills and creative backgrounds from a variety of disciplines.

Below is a sample of the “one-stop-shop” services that we provide to support your projects. 

• Event Concept and Design

• Promotion mechanisms

• Branding Applications 

• Social Media Marketing

• Event Staff & Promoters

• Creative Artwork 

• Event Logistics & Transportation

• Travel & Accommodation

• Multimedia 

• Audio/Visual/Digital & Tech Solution

• Communication & Invitations

• Entertainment

• Catering Services

• Budget planning

• Security and safety management

• Corporate Gifts 

We get to work. 

It’s all about picking 

the right partners, using the right tools, making a winning team, coordinate, supervise. 

No room for mistakes and drawbacks.

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